The latest methods of construction are inherent in steel framed buildings from Itek Homes. The company has developed and patented a galvanised steel profile section which is cold rolled and u-shaped. This means that any light domestic or commercial structure can have a steel framed roof fitted in a shorter time period than that required for traditional roofs. Our Clients include self builders, roofing contractors and architects all of whom appreciate the benefits of steel building kits and steel framed houses. When combined with insulating material the steel framed buildings from U Roof Limited offer excellent environmental benefits and go towards making both homes and commercial properties more sustainable. The costs associated with putting up steel framed buildings are also lower than normal and this has made steel building kits an easy option for anyone who wants to create a room in the roof of their home.

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Fast Build Steel Framed Houses

Steel framed buildings have a list of features that make them the choice for builders who need to speedily deliver steel framed houses. Our revolutionary designs have the seal of approval from the Steel Construction Institute which states that the life expectancy of a steel framed house is 200 years. Additionally, steel building kits mean that a house can be constructed faster and more efficiently that using normal building methods. The lightly constructed panels are easily laid flat for packing onto a vehicle which makes delivery very easy. Construction is also easy to achieve without any need for a crane. If you are thinking about choosing a new home from the latest steel framed houses you will find that this type of home has a high strength to weight ratio and is a faster construction than a traditional house.


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