Light Gauge Steel Frame – The Future

Have the experience and inspiration to use light gauge steel frame (LGSF) to its maximum and exciting potential.

The dwindling supply of old growth trees traditionally used in construction coupled with population growth and ever the increasing urbanisation has lead to the need for a new construction material light gauge steel frame is the answer.
There is no limit to supply and it is ideal for residential or light commercial construction.

While being significantly stronger it is five times lighter than wood. This not only makes it easier to work with but means that it does not significantly add to the load on foundations when being used in the construction of mansards or extentions.


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This is an example of an additional floor built on a flat roof where it was possible to have a balcony. The lightness of the construction allows the designer the flexibility to introduce terraces and balconies at penthouse level.

Not only is it not vulnerable to any sort of fungi or organism it is also not combustible and totally fire resistant.


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A good example of how a small shop/office could be delivered complete, even finished internally!



Light gauge steel frame can even be used to build a staircase!


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